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Freelance Writer Series

Meet Your Fellow Freelance Writers


This series of interviews of active freelance writers provides an interesting cross-section of writers from different experience levels, media outlets and even age groups. Take a look at their diverse answers to some classic getting-started questions.

Hollee J. Chadwick

(c)Hollee Chadwick
Hollee has been a freelance writer for 30 years, and comes from a writing family. She's written greeting cards and edits fiction. Take a look at what famous writer Hollee got to work with in the past.

Jessi De La Cruz

(c)Jessi De La Cruz
Jessi has been freelancing for about 10 years. Jessi writes about health, and her biggest accomplishment was publishing a health article with a major glossy-- see which one!

Lorna Doone Brewer

(c)Courtesy Lorna Brewer
Lorna's been a freelance writer for about 2 years, and "birthed" both an agency and a child in the same year!

Mary Lewis

(c) Courtesy Mary Lewis
Mary is a new freelancer. See what industry gives her a great background and positioning to be successful in her new field.

Pooja Lohana

(c)Pooja L.

Pooja's journey to freelance writing was a long one, but she relates it in such a positive manner- you'll love reading this one!

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