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The Business of Writing

Yes, we love writing. But there's more to freelancing then just mechanics and creativity. Writing is a business, and successful freelancers (the kind who pay the bills!) keep that in mind.

Freelance Writing Spotlight10

How to Work With Large Groups of Contractors

How to handle large teams of subcontractor freelance writers.

Using Infographics for Marketing- Viable for Micro and Small Businesses?

Are infographics appropriate for your small business? Can freelancers make use of infographics for marketing?

Freelancers: Tips for Working Outdoors

How to work outside: Freelance writing readers asked how I was able to take the office outdoors.

"I Need Quiet to Write!"

Home office solutions for freelance writers; a reader asks about noise during writing.

Interested in Medicine and Writing? There's a Career for You!

Medical writing and how to get into the medical writing and editing career field.

Freelance Writing Job Application Versus General Job Application

Differences in applying for freelance writing jobs versus traditional jobs.

Product Review: Vinyl Sign for Conference/Exhibit Halls

Freelance writer reviews marketing materials from Build a Sign.

Review of Marketing Materials from Build A Sign

Between 2013 and 2014, I slowly expanded my freelance writing and editing business into a more full-service communications agency, offering written

If You Like to Know a Little About a Lot ... You Might Be a Freelance Writer

It occurred to me the other day that I tend to prefer short, manageable chunks of information much of the time, as opposed to in-depth, long, heavy explorations

Monday the 7th- Sign Up to Become a Book Reviewer!

Hi all, Just a quick note--today is the first day of my class "How to Become a Paid Book Reviewer." This is the fourth time I've taught this class, and those

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