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The Mechanics of Writing, a Guide to the Process of Writing Well

Welcome! No, you haven't entered 5th grade English class, but you may get some flashbacks. Here you can make sure you not only write, but that you do it well. Also learn about some of the processes associated with freelance writing, such as researching and interviews. Don't worry, no quizzes!
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What is Voice in Writing? Why Is it Important?
Voice in creative writing is easy to understand, but how does voice apply to freelance writers?

5 Easy Ways to Start Your Magazine Article
Sometimes the simple act of getting started is the hard part. If you find the "perfect" lede, perhaps the information will flow from there! (It's worth a try!) Here are 5 ways to start your magazine article.

How To Write a Profile or Interview-based Article
A simple and easy "how-to" that shows how to write a profile or interview-type article, while letting your subject shine through. Magazines often ask for profiles or interview-based articles. This is a simple way to let the article write itself.

How To Write and Publish an Ebook
how to write and publish your ebook

How to Writer Killer Web Copy
How to write killer web copy that will get you hired again and again!

How To Write A Book Review
Book reviews can vary widely, but here are a few of the basics to keep in mind when writing a critical book review.

Writing Tips for Copywriting
Copywriting, like most different genres, has its own set of best practices. Learn them here.

How Can I Write Things I Don't Believe In?
How to write opinions that you don't believe in, or write on topics that make you uncomfortable.

Types of Newspaper Articles
Different types of newspaper articles are explained for freelance writers.

How to Write a Conclusion
Teaches how to write a conclusion, a task that writers often find difficult. Includes a list of 17 conclusions.

How Do I Handle a Word Count?
Your editor gave you a word count- how do you handle it? Issues surrounding word count for freelance writers are explained.

Which Style Guide Should I Use?
A listing of the most used style guides, along with what field they're used in. This is the most current information on citation guides, style guides, style systems, and house style. Should you use AP Style, MLA, APA, Turabian, ASA, AMA or CMS?

What You Should Know About APA Style
APA Style - What writers should know about APA style

What Is a Style Guide?
What exactly is a style guide? Why does a freelance writer need to know a particular style guide?

Proofreading vs. Editing
Proofreading versus editing, what's the difference? Reader Erica has seen too much overlap recently between editing and proofreading freelance jobs. What gives and should we educate our potential clients?

Can One Simply WRITE?
Write. It's the one thing you need to do to "be a writer" and yet, how much do working writers really just WRITE?

Can One Simply WRITE?
Write. It's the one thing you need to do to "be a writer" and yet, how much do working writers really just WRITE?

Book Review: "Crafting the Travel Guidebook"
Barabara Hudgin's, a former freelancer, walks writers through the steps necessary to turn that sheaf of published travelogues into a cohesive travel guidebook. Freelancers will benefit from her years of experience in writing efficient and succinct travel articles.

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