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Legal Issues All Freelance Writers Should Know

Heads up! Make sure to learn some key information as you journey out into your freelancing career. Be careful of copyright violations, disclosure issues, non-competition clauses and other issues.
  1. Contracts for the Freelancer (12)
  2. Copyright and Publishing Rights (7)
  3. Insurance (2)

Writing and the Law
All about your writing work and the law; how to protect yourself and your writing work by understanding the law and writing-- a list of the best resources and legal support for writers.

Legal Terms for Writers
Legal terms that every writer should know.

Know Your Publication Rights
Make sure you know which publication rights you are selling! First North American Serial Rights? One time print rights? Find out about copyright and publication rights here.

Indemnity Insurance, Liability Insurance, Oh My!
Do you need indemnity insurance as a freelancer? How about liability insurance? This article explores several different types of insurance for the freelancer.

Are You Making These Three Copyright Mistakes?
Are you making these copyright mistakes?

Navigating the Online Environment for Writers
Five ways to stay safe and secure online for freelance writers.

Online Publishing and Rights- Can I Still Sell It?
What publishing rights do you give up online? A reader questions what rights he can still sell after publishing something online. If you publish online, can you still sell your book or article?

Help! Theyre Asking for My Social Security Number!
A freelance writer asks if it's normal to have to give out his social security number.

In Office Projects- Are They Really Freelance?
Sometimes that freelance job isn't really freelance at all- and that can be a problem. Here's how to determine if you're a freelancer or an employee, and why you need to know.

How to Check for Plagiarism
Explains how to check for plagiarism in your work.

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