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Write for Magazines - How To Be a Freelance Writer for Magazines


When you freelance write for magazines, you not only get paid, but you also get to see your name in lights...or at least in print! Here's how to get published in newspapers and magazines, and how to be a freelance writer for magazines.
  1. Query Like a Pro
  2. The Writing Process
  3. Deal With Your Editors
  4. Editing and Revision

Query Like a Pro

In order to break into magazine and weekly markets, you'll need to perfect your pitching skills. Let's get to work.

The Writing Process

Manage your writing, and the writing process! This is the meat of the writing life- what to do after you've landed an assignment or two, where to go next and how to manage your new writing life.

Deal With Your Editors

So, you've finally mastered the pitch? Wait a minute, you've still got a long way to go before your name is in the byline and the check is in your hand. Take a look at how to keep your working relationship positive and productive.

Editing and Revision

Once you submit that great article to that fabulous nationally-circulating glossy, you're all done, right? Wrong. Editing and revision is generally about a third of the practice (after pitching and writing), so cultivating your skills in this are are very important.

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