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Profile of Guru.com Bid Site


Location, Location, Location:

Guru.com's home page is accessed at http://www.guru.com.

Get Started:

As is customary with other freelance bid sites, freelance writers sign up with Guru.com by choosing a membership level, and then selling yourself through your front page copy and profile area. Guru also allows the upload of samples into a portfolio. One extra of Guru.com is that providers can upload a video of themsleves as an additional mode of advertisement.

How Much Does It Cost?:

Guru can cost a writer anywhere from $0 to $194 per year for a membership, of course providing additional benefits for those who opt for the higher level memberships. Bid allotment varies from 10-100. In addition, a 5% project fee is charged on finalized projects.

Will I Get Stiffed?:

Getting your buyer to pay isn't going to be a problem at Guru.com, as all projects make use of an escrow system. This system requires buyers to place the project cost into escrow.

Is It Beginner Friendly?:

Guru's interface is very user-friendly and intuitive. One possible downside for beginners may be Guru's ranking system. Providers are ranked based on projects completed and feedback, leaving beginners with low ranks right from the start.


Guru allows many different media forms to be used as work samples, making it a fun experience to build your profile.


Based on my explorations above, along with the cost analysis and the buzz on the web, I would recommend Guru for new or intermediate freelance writers. As with any bid site, it is important that writers stick to their pay rates, and avoid underbidding.

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