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How to Write a Writing Job Resume

Process and Tips for Freelance Writers


Typing a RESUME.

A writing job resume is your first step to getting freelance writing jobs.

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Writing Job Resume

Your writing job resume is much like any other resume you've written, in that it's a list of your career-related experiences. However, many writing resumes also add in a new/different element: a list of clips/examples/publishes pieces. In addition, I've seen many writers begin including niche-specific material in their resumes. Let's take a look at the writing job resume process.

Writing Job Resume for New Writers

If you've never freelanced before, your resume will be built from whatever past writing you have done. For example, let's say you're a secretary. It's likely much of your job responsibilities include crafting written copy. Therefore, list your job title as a secretary, just as you would on any other resume, but add two or three sentences describing the writing that you've done in this position. This is true for all previous employment: pull out the writing-specific duties and describe them alongside your job title and company.

Writing Job Resume for Established Freelance Writers

Established freelancers with a few clips to their name can organize a resume that demonstrates their wealth of experience. Consider having two sections: one listing ongoing writing jobs that you've had (have), such as editorial positions at papers (yes, even in college, although high school positions would probably be a stretch!), and another section listing one-off jobs you've completed, such as magazine articles, website rewrites, published stories and poems, and novel edits.

Other Parts of a Writing Job Resume

As in any other resume, include sections that outline your education, professional affiliations and contact information. If you've developed niche areas, be sure to have a section that describes them, or outlines your experience and contributions in those areas. Header information should include contact numbers, and a website, especially if you have one that has clips or examples on it.

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