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An Introduction to the Basics of Freelance Writing

So, you think you want to take the plunge, and seriously begin your freelance career? Take a look around to see if you have what it takes, including the education, skills and characteristics necessary to succeed. Learn about the pros and cons of working as a freelancer, and look for advice from pros who know what it's like to dive into these murky waters!
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  2. Earning and Income Potential (2)
  3. Niche and Expertise Development (3)
  4. Skills and Education Needed (8)
  5. What Is Freelance Writing? (4)
  6. Writing Resources and Tools (17)

FAQs of Freelance Writing
For Writer's Worth Week, I fielded several questions for the blog. The same questions kept coming up again and again, so I decided to summarize those in a permanent article. Check out the FAQs that are on everyone's mind.

"Is This a Good Career Choice for Me?"
One of the questions I get asked most often is "Do you think this would be a good career for me?"

The Freelance Writing Life: You Know You're a Freelance Writer When...
You know you're a freelancer when: We go over some of the unique and funny parts of the freelance writing life.

Can I Really Make Money Freelancing?
Is there money in this business? Can you earn a decent, living wage? It is possible!

Can One Simply WRITE?
Write. It's the one thing you need to do to "be a writer" and yet, how much do working writers really just WRITE?

What Kind of Writer Are You?
Writers come in many different varieties. Knowing why you want to be a freelance writer will help you focus your writing in the right direction.

A Walk-Through of the Freelance Writing Project Process
Are you on your first freelance project? Are you worried about the process? Let's take a look at the normal progression of a freelance writing project.

Blog Vocabulary for New Writers
Basic blog vocabulary is discussed for those who wish to focus their freelance efforts on blogging.

Freelance Writing and the New Graduate
What advice would you give to a new graduate who wants to be a freelance writer directly out of college?

How To Hire a Freelance Writer
How to hire a freelance writer- what to look for, who to avoid.

Things to Keep in Mind When You Hire a Freelance Writer
If you're going to hire a freelance writer- or a team of them- there are some very important things to keep in mind. This article is based on an experience I had that could have went negative very quickly.

Freelance Work Pros and Cons
What are some of the pros and cons of freelance work? What is the balance? Do you recommend this career, given the positives and negatives?

How To Research and Choose Your Freelance Writing Niche
Many freelance writers have been asking for advice on developing a niche. I point them toward some research to help in their niche development.

The Story of My Freelance Writing Niche Development
Many writers ask for guidance on finding a niche specialty. This is the story of my niche development.

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