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Allena Tapia

Updated Articles and Resources

By Allena Tapia

    Updated Articles and Resources
    • How to Work With Large Groups of Contractors Created: Thursday, July 17, 2014 Updated: Thursday, July 17, 2014
      How to handle large teams of subcontractor freelance writers.
    • Using Infographics for Marketing- Viable for Micro and Small Businesses? Created: Wednesday, July 09, 2014 Updated: Wednesday, July 09, 2014
      Are infographics appropriate for your small business? Can freelancers make use of infographics for marketing?
    • Freelancers: Tips for Working Outdoors Created: Wednesday, July 02, 2014 Updated: Friday, July 04, 2014
      How to work outside: Freelance writing readers asked how I was able to take the office outdoors.
    • How to Write a Writing Resume Created: Tuesday, January 31, 2012 Updated: Wednesday, July 02, 2014
      Following is a writing jobs resume sample that will walk new writers through the process of teasing out their own writing resume." itemprop="description"><...
    • Can One Simply WRITE? Created: Saturday, June 06, 2009 Updated: Wednesday, July 02, 2014
      Write. It's the one thing you need to do to "be a writer" and yet, how much do working writers really just WRITE? This article looks into why a writing career is more than just writing.
    • Some Answers About AOL's Seed.com For Writers Created: Monday, March 29, 2010 Updated: Wednesday, July 02, 2014
      AOL's Seed.com is a content production site that lists writing projects needed by AOL and its owned sites in hopes of attracting freelance writers. But is Seed a good bet for every writer? Let's ta...
    • Ghostwriting Created: Tuesday, February 02, 2010 Updated: Wednesday, July 02, 2014
      What is ghostwriting? A definition.
    • "I Need Quiet to Write!" Created: Wednesday, July 02, 2014 Updated: Wednesday, July 02, 2014
      Home office solutions for freelance writers; a reader asks about noise during writing.
    • How to Get Federal Contracts for Writers and Editors Created: Monday, March 15, 2010 Updated: Monday, June 30, 2014
      After I heard of a fellow freelance writer who was paid quite handsomely to edit a set of scientific journals by the U.S. Department of Agriculture, I determined to check out similar government opp...
    • Freelance Editing Jobs Created: Tuesday, October 26, 2010 Updated: Friday, June 27, 2014
      There are many different kinds of freelance editor jobs, and many different roles an editor can take, Following is a list of different kinds of editors/editing along with some hints for freelancers...
    • Editorial Staff Members Created: Sunday, January 06, 2008 Updated: Friday, June 27, 2014
      You need to get your query or article into the hands of the correct editorial staff member, but which of the 4, 5 or even more staff editors is the best one for your piece? Find out some shortcuts ...
    • Be a Book Reviewer in 6 Easy Steps- For PAY! Created: Thursday, September 20, 2012 Updated: Thursday, June 26, 2014
      How to be a book reviewer in just 6 easy steps- for PAY! A paid, professional book reviewer walks you through the exact process of becoming a reviewer.
    • Three Steps to Get Ghostwriting Freelance Writing Jobs Created: Tuesday, February 09, 2010 Updated: Thursday, June 26, 2014
      Ghostwriting - How To Get Freelance Writing Jobs with Publishers
    • Website Review - Mediabistro's Freelance Writing Jobs List Created: Monday, September 08, 2008 Updated: Wednesday, June 25, 2014
      Freelance writing jobs are competitive. Read a review of Mediabistro's freelance writing job listings, including how to use the listing service, caveats, tips and tricks.
    • Five Contract Templates for Freelancers Created: Wednesday, July 31, 2013 Updated: Wednesday, June 25, 2014
      Five contract templates for freelancers. See an example of a freelance contract here, including five varieties to meet your freelance needs.
    • Summer and the Freelance Writer Created: Tuesday, June 24, 2014 Updated: Tuesday, June 24, 2014
      Pros and cons of the freelance writing in the summer time.
    • How Should A Freelancer Prepare for Tax Season? Created: Monday, September 03, 2007 Updated: Tuesday, June 24, 2014
      Tips on how a freelance writer can properly prepare for freelance taxes.
    • How To Conduct an Interview Created: Friday, September 26, 2008 Updated: Tuesday, June 24, 2014
      How to conduct an interview and write an interview article for a magazine that will bolster your article and impress your editor, all with calm nerves and a confident demeanor!
    • 30 NEW Freelance Writing Job Listings Created: Saturday, December 31, 2011 Updated: Tuesday, June 24, 2014
      Freelance writing jobs listings are the bread and butter of freelance writers who are still building their network. Here are writers jobs listings- some of the best places to find jobs for writers....
    • Sidebar - Definition of a Sidebar Created: Sunday, October 12, 2008 Updated: Monday, June 23, 2014
      Your editor asked for a sidebar- what the heck is that? How long is it and what should it consist of?
    • Make Freelance Writing Your Full-Time Job Created: Monday, January 21, 2008 Updated: Monday, June 23, 2014
      Make freelance writing your full time job by following this set of simple steps.
    • Should I Let the Magazine Interviewee See the Questions First? Created: Sunday, September 28, 2008 Updated: Monday, June 23, 2014
      A reader preparing for their first interview asks Should I let the interviewee see the questions first?
    • How Do I Ask For An Interview- and When? Created: Sunday, September 28, 2008 Updated: Monday, June 23, 2014
      One reader asks about magazine interviews- should you ask for a magazine interview before or after you have the assignment?
    • What Is Copywriting? What Kind of Writing is Considered Copywriting? Created: Wednesday, February 29, 2012 Updated: Thursday, June 19, 2014
      A thorough definition of copywriting, including kinds of copy and examples. Links to an article on how to get started as a copywriter.
    • Copy Created: Thursday, September 25, 2008 Updated: Thursday, June 19, 2014
      Define copy, what exactly do we mean when we say copy?
    • How Freelance Writers Get Paid Created: Friday, September 30, 2011 Updated: Wednesday, June 18, 2014
      Once you've secured clients or completed projects, it's time to get paid. How do freelance writers get paid?" itemprop="description"> Tuesday, August 18, 2009 Updated: Wednesday, June 18, 2014
      ARC, advanced readers copy, what is an ARC?
    • Tear Sheet Created: Sunday, September 14, 2008 Updated: Wednesday, June 18, 2014
      What is a tear sheet? Definition for freelance writers.
    • Generate and Capture Magazine Article Ideas Created: Sunday, February 10, 2008 Updated: Wednesday, June 18, 2014
      Finding ideas for magazine articles isn't always easy. Here are ways to generate and capture magazine article ideas for freelancers." itemprop="description"> Thursday, August 28, 2008 Updated: Wednesday, June 18, 2014
      The following list of freelance writing job websites are places that list jobs which are location- based. Look for writing jobs within your city or region.
    • When and How To Outsource Writing Jobs Created: Monday, April 26, 2010 Updated: Monday, June 16, 2014
      When and How to Outsource Freelance Writing Jobs - There is career success to be had in taking on freelance projects that are bigger than yourself. Managing projects for larger clients means that y...
    • Sample Contract- The Statement of Work Created: Sunday, March 31, 2013 Updated: Saturday, June 14, 2014
      Freelance contracts come in many different formats. Another entry in our series on sample freelance contracts is the statement of work." itemprop="description"