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Readers Respond: Best Job Sites, Reader Contributed!

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Where are you having luck finding freelance writing jobs? And which sites are a bust- not worth your time (or that of your colleagues)? Using this form, you may share your thoughts on the best and the rest of freelance writing job sites. Please, no questions or inquiries here--just answers!


I suggest you to check out the following website for freelance related works. In this site you will get all the facilities for freelance works. http://www.gigstrade.com
—Guest sheikh Hasmat

F-lance Writers Den Junk-Free Job Board

We have an interesting experiment going on Freelance Writers Den -- we've created a job board that aggregates from many popular sites -- but then cuts out all the ridiculously low-paying gigs. We usually come up with just a half-dozen or so listings twice a week. I know several Den members have already landed good gigs through the Board.
—Guest Carol Tice

Freelance Writing Jobs Listed Regularly

—Guest Denise Grier

This Editor Uses Elance

I'm an editor. Though I generally rely on a group of freelancers who've written for me before, when I need a new writer I use Elance.
—Guest Don Tepper


I've used several freelance job sites and have had lots of success with on many of them. I recently found freelanced.com and am excited about its potential for freelance writers. Check it out: http://www.freelanced.com

Is Freelance Venue reputable?

I was just looking around the websites on this list and found that I could not view any of the jobs posted on Freelance Venue without first filling out a form for one of their "offers", though the site assured me I would only have to do this once. I did not fill out any forms and consequently did not view any jobs. I find this highly suspect. Freelance Venue claims that this process is necessary to prevent Bots from using the site. Wouldn't a simple Turing test do this in a more professional fashion? Has anyone else used this site? Is it a scam? (The titles of some of their "offers" are very suspicious.) Do you really only have to fill out a form once?
—Guest Connie

Real Writing Jobs

2.We work with hundreds of companies such as 20th Century Fox, Paramount Entertainment, Ford Motor Company, Google and more! We recruit people to fill 1000s of jobs for companies like this every year. Manage Facebook Pages For COmpanies. http://www.newmonthlyincome.com
—Guest Matty

Freelance job aggregators

There's a bunch of sites out there that compile jobs from all the major sites and make it easy to search and find the good ones. I use http://www.webfreelancing.com but there's many others!
—Guest Ricardo

Two I use

I go all over, but the main two I start with are www.freelancewritinggigs.com which is updated daily, and the weekly "morning coffee" newsletter at freelancewriting.com.

Freelance Writing Information

You can find lots of information and resources at www.homeworking4me.co.uk/writing.htm
—Guest Jo

Another two websites

Two others that I check on a regular basis, and when I am not so busy with Elance, is getafreelancer.com (or now freelancer.com) and scriptlance.
—Guest Emeralddawnn


The two sites I have the most success with is Elance.com and Guru.com. Alothough ELance is the better of the two. http://drjohnnd.blogspot.com/
—Guest drjohnnd

well... it's my site...

I get one or two thank yous a week because folks find jobs on my site... www.aboutfreelancewriting.com. Thanks

About Freelance Writing

I publish jobs 3x a week and folks report decent results - www.aboutfreelancewriting.com A


Does anyone have insight into how virtualvocations.com (a subscription site) compares with other job sites? the # of sites is overwhelming, and a friend suggested it as a starting place for an experienced writer.
—Guest KS

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