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Freelance Writing: Most Popular Articles

These articles are the most popular over the last month.
6 Ways to Get Paid for Book Reviews
How to be a book reviewer in just 6 easy steps- for PAY! A paid, professional book reviewer walks you through the exact process of becoming a reviewer.
Sample Freelance Letter of Agreement Contract
This is a sample Letter of Agreement. A Letter of Agreement is one kind of freelance writing contract; it is a bit less formal than a contract and details the arrangement in the form of a letter.
A Sample Proposal for Freelance Writers
A sample proposal for a freelance writer. Nonprofits often hire contractors through RFPs- Requests for Proposals. Here is how to WRITE a proposal so that you get that job!
Top 10 College Majors for Freelance Writers
Here are ten potential college majors for writers, along with example programs, suggestions and summaries.
Best Ways to Get Paid for Reading
How to get paid to read- details ways to make money through book reviews, literary agent reading and book summaries.
Freelance Writing Rates: Charge What You're Worth
Freelance writing rates are all over the place, but the following list contains dozens of examples to help you price your services right.
Five Contract Templates for Freelancers
Five contract templates for freelancers. See an example of a freelance contract here, including five varieties to meet your freelance needs.
Places to Find Telecommuting Freelance Writing...
The following list of freelance writing jobs websites are places that list jobs specifically for writers who work remotely or telecommute.
What You Should Include in a Freelance Writing...
How to write a freelance contract; learn to write a contract for your freelance clients. Independent contractors often need to write their own contracts. What should you include in a freelance writing contract?
Overview of Freelance Writers and Freelance...
What exactly is freelance writing, and what is a freelance writer? What do freelance writers do? What kind of writing is considered 'freelance writing'?
How to Write a Company Backgrounder
An example of a. Freelance Writing.
How to Charge Freelance Writing Rates
Writing rates are explained step by step in this article.
How to Write an Interview-Based Article
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A Sample Query Letter for Pitching to Magazines
Following is a sample of a query letter for freelance magazine writers to use in pitching articles to trade or glossy magazines. This template includes hints on content and format. This was the letter that launched my writing career.
Best Tips for Starting a Freelance Writing Career
How to start freelance writing, the very first thing to do.
Sample SOW Contract: The Statement of Work
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Press Materials for Freelance Writers
The types of press materials a freelance writer may be called upon to write vary quite a bit, but all have one goal.
Sample Contract- A Formal Freelance Contract
Freelance writers may need to provide their own contract when doing business with a new client. Here is a sample formal contract for freelancers.
How To Write a Query or Pitch Letter
Approach editors query letter pitch letter
How Does Freelance Writing Work, Exactly?
How does freelance writing work and what exactly is freelance writing? This article answers the basic definition questions of freelance writing.
Freelancer? You Need Disability Insurance!
Disability insurance for freelancers and independent contractors: Do you need it and how much will it cost?
Help! My Client Wants Me to Write a Backgrounde...
What is a backgrounder? This explains what the document is and how to write a backgrounder, focusing on PR writers or freelance writers.
Freelance Writers: How to Generate an Invoice
For a freelance writer, the invoice is the final step in the project. Here are some considerations in generating your freelance writer invoice.
Freelance Creative Writing, Submission Service
If creative freelance writing is on your goal's list, but you still need to make money, you may want to try out Writer's Relief submission services.
How Freelance Writers Get Paid
Once you've secured clients or completed projects, it's time to get paid. How do freelance writers get paid?
How to Write Your Own Press Release
Here is sample of a press release, showing both content and structure tips. This shows the format you should follow, with exact instructions as to what should go in each paragraph.
Freelance Contract: The Non-Compete Agreement
The following contract template is another sample in our ongoing series on freelance contracts. The non compete agreement is often a part of the overall paperwork your client may ask that you sign. Here's what it may look like.
Kill Fee
What is a kill fee- definition of a kill fee.
How to Get Freelance Writing Jobs Through Job...
How I get work through freelance writing job boards. Job board postings can be considered a gamble for two reasons: they receive thousands of resumes, and the quality of the job and the pay are often in question. Here's how I make job boards work for me.
How To Write A Book Review
Learn how to write a book review for general publication, based on practices from a paid professional book reviewer.
Freelance Writing - Review of "Online Writing...
A review of the Online Writing Jobs website: is this a good place to look for freelance writing jobs? How easy is it to manipulate? Are the jobs good? Should you spend your time there?
Get Paid to Write Papers and Essays? Yes, it's...
Writing essays and writing college research: are these jobs freelance writers should consider? A guest author looks at the custom writing service industry.
Query Letter,Cover Letter or Letter of...
A writer asks query letter, cover letter or letter of introduction? Which am I supposed to use and when?
Freelance Writer Resume- A Sample
Freelance writer resumes are very important and likely get a lot of use. Following is a writing job resume sample for freelancers.
How do I write a fact sheet?
A sample fact sheet is provided for freelancers or other writers.
Ten Steps to Prepare For Your Freelance...
Freelance Magazine Writing: Prepare to write your freelance magazine article. Be sure to take these ten essential steps before you write your first freelance magazine article.
Work At Home
Discusses and defines work at home. What does it mea to work at home?
What Is Copywriting? What Kind of Writing is...
A thorough definition of copywriting, including kinds of copy and examples. Links to an article on how to get started as a copywriter.
Why You Might Need a Writing Degree
Writing degree- do you need a writing degree in order to be a successful writer? What kind of degree options are out there for writers?
Write an LOI, Get Magazine Writing Jobs; Here's...
Freelance writers can use a letter of introduction LOI to target specific trade and specialty magazines. This is an example of an LOI.
Generate and Capture Magazine Article Ideas
Finding ideas for magazine articles isn't always easy. Here are ways to generate and capture magazine article ideas for freelancers.
How to Pick the Best Style Guide for Your Writing
A listing of the most used style guides, along with what field they're used in. This is the most current information on citation guides, style guides, style systems, and house style. Should you use AP Style, MLA, APA, Turabian, ASA, AMA or CMS?
How to Check for Plagiarism
Explains how to check for plagiarism in your work.
9 Editors You Should Query as a Freelance Writer
You need to get your query or article into the hands of the correct editorial staff member, but which of the 4, 5 or even more staff editors is the best one for your piece? Find out some shortcuts and secrets of your targeted magazine's editorial staff position.
Basics of SEO Writing for SEO Writers
How to become an SEO Writer- What is SEO and SEO Writing?
Sample Client Questionnaire
Use this sample client questionnaire to create your own tool to screen and focus freelance clients and freelance projects.
An Overview of Genres
Writing genre overview for freelance writers.
Sample Nondisclosure Agreement Template...
A template contract of a nondisclosure agreement, with specific advice for freelancers.
Straight Talk About Freelance Writing Pay
How much money can a freelance writer make- and, more importantly, HOW do they do it?
Different Types of Freelance Writing Jobs- A...
What are the different type of freelance writing jobs, and how does a freelance writer find the right balance of writing work?
Sample Press Advisory
A sample press advisory is provided as a template for freelance journalists.
Everything You Need to Know About Copywriting...
Copywriter- What is a copywriter? What's the difference between a copyrighter and a copywriter?
8 Tips for Generating Great Interview Questions
The interview questions a freelance writer asks his subject will make or break the article. Here are 8 things to keep in mind as you create your interview questions.
Preparatory Steps to Becoming a Freelance Writer
Preparatory steps to becoming a freelance writer.
30 New Freelance Jobs for Writers
Freelance writing jobs listings are the bread and butter of freelance writers who are still building their network. Here are writers jobs listings- some of the best places to find jobs for writers. This is 30 NEW places to find freelance writing jobs.
Pricing Freelance Writing Jobs: 3 Questions, 3...
Freelance writing rates FAQ: Allena Tapia, freelance writing expert, counsels a new writer on how to set their rates.
Surfing at Your Standing Desk: A Review of the...
Wurf Board: What is it and why should home office workers, freelancers and contractors try it out?
17 Ways to Write a Conclusion
Teaches how to write a conclusion, a task that writers often find difficult. Includes a list of 17 conclusions.
Freelance Writing Clients: Screening New Clients
Freelance writers can use a client questionnaire to make sure their potential writing clients are a good fit for them.
Freelance Writer: How To Write Speeches for Money
Speechwriting- writing speeches for others to give- is an interesting and potentially lucrative area for freelance writers to explore. There are also full time speech writing opportunities out there.
Writer's Cover Letter Sample
A writer's cover letter sample is shown, along with tips, hints and how-tos. This cover letter is based on a successful freelance writer's own sample.
How to Write for a Magazine
How to write for a magazine; freelance writers can learn to write for magazines, a potentially lucrative genre for freelance writers.
Writers Associations List for Freelance Writers
All writers need training and camaraderie, right? A writer's association is one way to find that. But which association is the right one for you? Here is a list of writer's associations.
Important Things You Should Know About...
Make sure you know which publication rights you are selling! First North American Serial Rights? One time print rights? Find out about copyright and publication rights here.
ARC: Getting the Book Before Anyone Else
Defines ARC (advanced reader's copy) and what an ARC is, including the meaning of advanced reader's copy, and who exactly gets one.
Consumer Magazine - What Is a Consumer Magazine?
Consumer magazine is defined, examples are provided. Specific to freelance writers looking to write for magazines. Difference from a trade magazine is explained.
Getting Paid to Write Essays- Should the...
Writing essays for pay is a thriving business, but is it one that the freelance writer should get involved in? We take a look at the niche, the ethics and the processes of writing term papers for money.
Help! My Editor Wants a Sidebar! How to Write...
What is a sidebar? The definition of a sidebar is given along with tips for writing them.
How to Create an Invoice
Submitting your writer's invoice is the best way to make sure you get paid on time. Here is how to create your writing invoice.
8 Steps to Start a Freelance Writing Business
Freelance writing is a business- are you ready to treat it like one? Here's how to turn your freelance writing into a bona fide freelance writing business.
3 Ways to Make Money as a Freelance Writer
Is there money in freelance writing? Can you earn a decent amount of money as a freelance writer? It is possible!
What is a Clip?
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PR Writing and the Magazine Placement Question
You want to get your company or product into magazines, don't you? Potential clients are constantly looking for advice on this. Can a freelance writer really get you such exposure? Here are some tips.
Freelancer? Get Some INSURANCE!
Do you need indemnity insurance as a freelancer? How about liability insurance? This article explores several different types of insurance for the freelancer.
Editor - What Is an Editor
Editor, definition of an editor, where editors work.
8 Ways to Find and Get Writing Jobs
Your writing job search should be balanced- don't put all your eggs in one basket! Here are the eight places you should be looking for freelance writing jobs.
Do You Know How to Apply for a Freelance...
Differences in applying for freelance writing jobs versus traditional jobs.
Top 21 Freelance Editor Jobs
There are many different kinds of freelance editor jobs, and many different roles an editor can take, Following is a list of different kinds of editors/editing along with some hints for freelancers who are pursuing freelance editing jobs.
How to Write a Freelance Writer Job Resume
Your resume is your entrance to writing jobs. This article covers the main elements to include, and suggestions for those who are new to the freelance writing field.
Make Freelance Writing Your Full-Time Job
Make freelance writing your full time job by following this set of simple steps.
How To Conduct an Interview
How to conduct an interview and write an interview article for a magazine that will bolster your article and impress your editor, all with calm nerves and a confident demeanor!
Oped- What is It and How to Write It
Article goes over what is an oped and how to write an oped, aimed specifically at freelance writers.
Help! My Client Wants Me to Write a Media Kit?
What is a media kit and how do I write one? Media kit and how to put one together is explained for writers and PR personnel.
3 Steps to Ghostwriting Work for CASH!
Ghostwriting - How To Get Freelance Writing Jobs with Publishers
Types of Newspaper Articles
The types of newspaper articles you write as a freelancer depend on your skills and interests. Here are the major types of newspaper articles explained for freelance writers.
How To Get Freelance Editing Jobs
How does one get freelance editing jobs? Is there a unique approach? Is there an industry standard practice?
Pitch Letter
Definition of a pitch letter. Freelance Writing.
Deb Ng
Deb Ng once worked full time as a professional blog writer, and was one of the most well known bloggers in the writing world. Learn about how she got started in freelance writing, and read her tips for new freelancers.
What does On Spec mean?
The meaning of on spec. Freelance Writing.
Freelance Writer: Separate Bank Account?
Does your freelance writing business need a separate bank account?
5 Easy Ways to Start Your Magazine Article
Getting the article started is the hard part. Here are some simple ways to start a magazine article. Find your perfect lede from these 5 suggestions.
Timelines of Freelance Writing Projects
Freelance writing jobs and projects sometimes have long timelines. What is the typical schedule between applying for writing work, and getting cash in hand?
FAQs of Freelance Writing
FAQs of the freelance writing career.
All About Freelance Copywriting
Freelance copywriting is one path in working as a copywriter. This article takes a look at the career of freelance copywriting.
Freelance Health Insurance
Independent health insurance for freelance writers, consultants, and other independent workers is discussed. Writers can find out where to buy health insurance, how much health insurance costs, and how to get health insurance.
Define copy, what exactly do we mean when we say copy?
Search All Freelance Jobs in One Aggregate Space
Freelance writing jobs are difficult to find, as they're posted in so many different places. giantGator seeks to fix that by aggregating many different sites in one place.
Top 7 Pinterest Boards for Writers
Top 7 Pinterest boards for writers.
Write What You Love- And Still Get Paid!
Want to stay true to your creative side, but still earn money? Here are 19 types of creative freelance writing.
Get Your Book Published! How to Write a Non...
One common freelance writing job project is the non fiction book proposal. For freelancers who provide author support services, here is a sample of such a proposal.
What You Should Know About APA Style
APA Style - What writers should know about APA style
What Does FOB Mean?
class="no-js" itemscope itemtype="http://schema.org/Article" > itemprop="description" >Front of book
Which Type of Freelance Writing Should You Do?
All about the types of freelance writing, and which pathway the new freelance writer should take. Three types of freelance writing are covered.
Word Nerd? Four Ways to Make Cash from Reading...
Students and nerds: Use your passion for reading and writing to make money. Four ways to make money through reading and writing are described.
What's the Difference Between Consumer...
Consumer or trade magazine? This articles explains the difference between the two publications.
All the Blogging Vocab You'll Ever Need to Know!
I was talking about blogging the other day with a new freelance writer, but she had so stop me and tell me to bring the vocabulary down a notch. That inspired this article, a look at some of the most common blogging jargon.
Editorial calendar
What is an editorial calendar? Freelance Writing.
New Grad? Ever Thought of Freelance Writing?
What advice would you give to a new graduate who wants to be a freelance writer directly out of college?
What is a Freelance Writer
Definition of a freelance writer
Finances of Freelancing - 9 Lessons
A response to a piece in the Awl on freelance writing finances: Nine lessons on freelance writing.
How to Get Federal Contracts for Writers and...
After I heard of a fellow freelance writer who was paid quite handsomely to edit a set of scientific journals by the U.S. Department of Agriculture, I determined to check out similar government opportunities. Turns out, the process of registering for Federal opportunities is quite exhaustive, so I took notes for you, dear reader!
Freelancer's Secret to Knowing What to Charge:...
Part of a series on freelance writing rates and what you should charge for writing projects. There are several ways to set your rates.
The Good, the Bad and the Ugly: Freelance...
Freelance work comes with a huge set of pros and cons to sort through. One reader asks for additional advice and hints on the benefits and drawbacks of freelance work.
A Career in Copywriting for An Ad Agency or...
A career in copywriting could be for you if you’ve realized that you have a way with words and are able to sell well, while also being able to creatively put your thoughts into words. Let's take a look at copywriting as a career.
What To Do Before You Apply for Writing Jobs
Writing jobs are competitive- here's how to best prepare and line yourself up for success.
Need To Know Basis - Five Resources for...
Ready to grow into the creative side of freelance writing? Here's where to start.
Sample Editorial Proposal
A sample proposal for a freelance editorial agreement.
5 Ways to Piss Off an Editor and Make Sure...
Hey freelance writer: do you want to be published in magazines? Then don't do one thing on this list!
Marketing Letter Example: Freelance Writer's...
Marketing letter examples are provided for freelance writers aiming to market themselves, or writing for a client, hints and general format are included.
Bookkeeping for Freelancers- Why Keep Records?
Why do freelancers need to keep pristine records? What are the advantages, including tax advantages? How do self-employed and independent contractors keep records and pay taxes?
Additional Freelance Careers for Writers
15 other career paths specifically for freelance writers and those who want freelance writing jobs.
Website Review - Review of Poe War's Freelance...
Freelance writing job lists are competitive. Is Poe War's list one you should spend your time on? Are the jobs good? Is it high traffic? Is it easy to use? Let's take a look.
Quiz: Could you become a successful freelancer?
Stay-at-home mom to work-at-home mom- Is freelance writing YOUR path? This quiz, aimed at stay-at-home moms, may impart some insight into the freelance writing career.
Characteristics and Skills Freelance Writers...
Do you have what it takes to succeed in freelancing? Some of the skills, personality traits and characteristics you need are listed, seperated between a writer's need and a freelancer's needs.
Tear Sheet
What is a tear sheet? Definition for freelance writers.
How To Write and Publish an Ebook
how to write and publish your ebook
3 Unique Freelance Writing Jobs
Three unique freelance writing jobs- skip the job boards and go after these three lucrative and non traditional freelance writing jobs!
6 Reasons Why It Is Awesome to Be a Writer in...
Guest post on writing in the 21st century from writer Julie Petersen.
Leo Babauta: Master Blogger Targets the Writing...
Interview with master freelance writer and blogger Leo Babauta
How To Volunteer Your Writing for the Greater...
A guest article by Evonne Lack. Evonne was inspired to volunteer her freelance writing talents after watching a moving movie. She shares her tips with fellow freelance writers.
What Is a "Galley"
Galley - What is a galley? The definition of a galley.
Sample Freelance Writing Resume
Sample resume for freelance writers.
Online Publishing and Rights- Can I Still Sell...
What publishing rights do you give up online? A reader questions what rights he can still sell after publishing something online. If you publish online, can you still sell your book or article?
What's All This About "Content"?
class="no-js" itemscope itemtype="http://schema.org/Article" > itemprop="description" >Content generation
Your Writing Portfolio
Is your writing portfolio up to snuff? What are you showing to potential clients? Here are 5 DOs to think about as you put together your writing portfolio.
How To Self-Edit
Editing your own words is definitely not so easy. Here's a list to help you in the process.
7 Stages of Freelancer Dress Code
The 7 stages of the freelancer dress code--where do you fall on the spectrum? Are you Skype Meeting Chic? Coffee House Fashionista?
Not Writing: 5 Things a Writer Must Do Every Day
Not writing: Five things that freelance writers do every day-- (that don't involve writing).
My Client Never Paid! Writing Off Bad Debt for...
Writing off bad debt for freelancers: What to do if your client doesn't pay.
Bookkeeping for Freelancers- How?
Suggests ways freelancers can keep records, from low-tech options to the latest software and apps.
How to Find Magazine Editors' Emails
Emails to editors- where do you send magazine pitches? How do you find editor's emails?
Is That Work-At-Home Writing Job a Scam?
Work at home writing job scams are numerous on the internet. Here are a couple red flags to watch out for when choosing freelance writing jobs.
Salvaging Your Writing Samples
What to do if you have writing samples that you want to use, but they're still in a past client's grip.
How to Sell and Publish Personal Essays
How to sell and publish personal essays. Selling and publishing personal essays is not the same as pitching nonfiction magazines.
Query Letter
What is a query, or pitch, letter?
3 Ways to Beat the Odds and Get Freelance...
Getting freelance writing jobs in a saturated market, stand out from the competition and spend less time looking for writing work, and more time actually working! Here are three tips to help you beat the odds.
6 Ways to Use Social Media to Get Freelance...
Get freelance writing jobs using social media. Freelance writer Allena Tapia describes six ways to use social media to nab freelance writing projects.
New Year, Freelance Writing Career
New year, new freelance writing career. Why and how to use the new year and the holidays to launch your freelance writing career.
Letters of Introduction to Magazines
How does a freelance writer skip the queries with a Letter of Introduction? How do letters of introduction work for freelance writers?
Bookkeeping for Freelancers- Exactly What...
Bookkeeping is essential for freelance writers, and you're convinced that you should be keeping accurate records of your writing business. The question is what, exactly, should you be recording?
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