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Share agent horror stories. Or share job leads. Or just talk about your spouses! Connect with other writers through networking both online and in the real world. Here's some of the best places to commiserate and celebrate.
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List of Writers Associations
All writers need camaraderie and training, and a writer association is one way to find that. But what writer association is the right one for you? Here is a list of writer's associations.

Do you Use and/or Recommend MediaBistro for Freelance Writers?
Do you recommend AvantGuild and Media Bistro?

Writing Blogs
Blogs are an informative medium through which to learn about all aspects of writing. Here's a list of writing blogs to get you started.

Writer's ListServs and Email Groups
Yet another way to connect with your fellow writer, About's Guide to Classic Lit has composed a listing of writer's listservs and emails.

Leo Babauta: Master Blogger Targets the Writing World
Interview with master freelance writer and blogger Leo Babauta

Mystery Writers of America
About.com's Guide to Fiction Writing profiles this writing group.

Freelance Writers, Argument, and Comment Trolls
Freelance blogging may entail dealing with negative comments or even trolls. Here's how to handle it.

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