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Five Fun Gifts for Readers

Fun Gifts for the Lit Geek on Your Christmas List


Well, as I was collecting the Top 10 Gifts for Writers on my Pinterest for Writers board (by the way, are you following me on Pinterest?), I came across so many options that I wanted to include. I managed to narrow the list down by sorting my faves into Gifts for Readers (below!) and then more active writing gifts for writers (linked above). That's double the fun! Here are five fun gifts for the reader on your list.

Book and Paper-Scented Perfume

Image courtesy of FastCoDesign.com

Don't worry, guys. There is a cologne version, too. This perfume (and others like it- there are several different brands) supposedly has that relaxing scent of paper, books and libraries. Now, I like that smell...but for my house. I wonder if the company that sells this (FastCodesign.com) has it in, say, a room spray or a candle?

A Tent That Looks Like a Book

Image courtesy of FieldCandy.com

Nope, not kidding here, people. This is a large tent, good for camping, that just so happens to look like a book. How cool is that? I love camping. Even tent camping. Unfortunately, this gift is $800. You could probably buy a pop-up for that much. But f the thought of a long weekend reading in your book tent appeals to you like it does to me, this gifts is available from FieldCandy.com.

Literary Shoes

Image courtesy of SeeKateSew.com

This one is a do-it-yourself-er. And that's cool, because handmade gifts reflect a lot of love, I think. This gift takes a regular pair of ballet flats, and covers them with your favorite text. Oh the possibilities! I think I'd have to choose the opening lines from One Hundred Years of Solitude. And, I'd choose the Spanish version. That's even more unique. I'm sold. The directions for this craft are available at SeeKateSew.com.

Book Holder

Image courtesy of HolyCool.net

Here's a useful gift, and it's non-gendered (sorry about the flats, guys). It's a nice little addition to your night stand- a spot to leave your book, no bookmark needed. How easy is that? This ingenious tool is available from HolyCool.net.

Lego Dolls of Your Favorite Author

Image courtesy of FineClonier.com

There is just something about these little Lego men. See, I included literary dolls and/or action figures in one year's list of Top Gifts for Writers. But they're just not the same as these Lego ones. There's just something darn cute about the Lego's...blockiness. Or maybe they just remind me of when my babies were, well, babies. I miss Legos. And babies. You can find these guys at FineClonier.com.

YOUR Gift Ideas for Writers and Readers

Got a gift idea for writers? Comment? Favorite gift? Share it here: Best Gifts for Writers.

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