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10 Gorgeous Gifts for Writers


Just in time for the holidays, this list of gifts for writers is sure to spark some great ideas for Christmas, birthdays or any time! If you follow Allena Tapia on Pinterest, some of these Gifts for Writers are probably already familiar to you. And, if you don't, you SHOULD, because there are 20 more writer gift ideas waiting for you there.

Office Makeover or Office Products

Take care of the writer in your life by taking care of their writing environment. Remake their office or desk area, or purchase products that are easy on the eyes (but not distracting!).

Writer-Inspired Jewelry

Image courtesy of FabricationUnlimited (Etsy.com)
One of the absolute best places I've found for writer-inspired or writer-centric jewelry is Etsy.com (one of the best shopping sites, period, really). For example, these earrings, which I first saw on a colleague's blog and followed to the Etsy shop.


Fingerless (Typing) Gloves

Image courtesy of Hollywood Mirror

I need these RIGHT NOW. My office is constantly cold (and I also sit in front of two windows). These fingerless gloves can be found at Amazon, but I've seen equally cute colors and designs at Target. I'll try anything to beat an excuse to procrastinate!

iPad Typewriter

Image courtesy of AustinYang.com

Hello innovation! How cool is this keyboard that connects to your iPad? I found this one via Wired.

Happy Typewriter

Image courtesy of MT masking Tape

Oh, my, now if this doesn't make you happy to sit down at your desk, I don't know what will! I discovered this happy typewriter via Pinterest.

Writers Blocks

Image courtesy of Sintwister (Etsy.com)

Another cool Etsy discovery! These photo story cubes help the writer come up with different scenarios and settings. Easy!

Writing Inspired Decor

Image courtesy of YouAreYourWords

YouAreYourWords.com allows you to place your favorite quotes against a photo you choose. How cool to frame yourself with your favorite text/copy!? What piece would you use? 


Image courtesy of Everyday Innovations

This gift is useful, and not just pretty! It's a pen that also stores small post-it flags and serves as a bookmarker, too. The advertisements I've seen tout it as a great tool for research, but I'm thinking about all the book reviewing I do. It would prove useful in marking up texts for that. You can find it at Everyday Innovations along with a couple other reader-focused tools.


Used with permission from The Writer.

Another useful gift for the writer in your life is a subscription to their favorite magazine or literary journal. Check out my gallery on writing magazines for some good ideas and reviews of the top writing magazines.

Specialty Pens

Image courtesy of artilleriet.se

Gift your favorite writer a beautiful (and perhaps even functional) specialty pen- whether that's a high-end writing tool, or these feather pens from Artilleriet.

Your Turn: What Was the Best Writing Gift You've Received?

What was the best writing gift you've ever received? Check out the responses from other readers (yes, a MacBook is a GREAT writing gift!), and leave your own thoughts.

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