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Freelance Taxes- What You Need to Know

What does the freelancer need to know about taxes? Let's take a look.

Bookkeeping for Freelancers- Why Keep Records?
Freelance writers are required to pay taxes on any money made from their writing. This article outlines this and other reasons you should track your writing records.

Bookkeeping for Freelancers- What to Track
Bookkeeping is essential for freelance writers, and you're convinced that you should be keeping accurate records of your writing business. The question is what, exactly, should you be recording?

When Do Freelance Writers Have to Pay Taxes?
A reader asks when freelancers should start worrying about taxes. When do freelance writers have to start paying taxes?

Bookkeeping for Freelancers- How?
Freelancers can keep accounting records in several ways, whether low-tech or with the latest apps.

Freelance Writers and Quarterly Estimated Taxes
FAQ from a freelance writer regarding estimated taxes.

Freelance Tax By the Numbers
A look at freelance taxes by the numbers. What is a Schedule C? Why am I getting these 1099s?

How Should A Freelancer Prepare for Tax Season
Tips on how a freelance writer can properly prepare for taxes.

Tax Deductions for Small Businesses
As a freelancer, you may essentially operate as a small business. So does that mean you can deduct that writer's conference or new printer? Check out this article on tax deductions to view all the rules and policies.

Common Expenses of Freelance Writers
Freelance writers have very specific types of expenses. Here are some of the most common writing expenses.

Should I Take the Home Office Tax Deduction
The home office deduction can significantly reduce your tax burden. Should you take it? Are the risks worth it?

My Client Never Paid! Can I Write That Off?
Freelance taxes and hints on taxes for freelancers. If a client doesn't pay, can you write it off your taxes?

Can I Write Off My "___________"?
Writing expenses- what can you write off? Do you have to be a business to write something off? Freelance writers have to pay taxes, too, so you may as well write off what you can!

Keep Accounts, No Shoeboxes Allowed
As your new freelance endeavor grows, you're going to have expenses and income. You need to keep track of the flow in and the flow out, not only to guage your progress, but also to account to Uncle Sam. Here's some hints for setting up a system from About's Small Business Guide.

How Freelancers Can Estimate Quarterly Tax Amounts
A new writer wants to know how to estimate quarterly taxes.

What's the Benefit of the New Home Office Tax Deduction for Freelancers?
The new home office tax deduction for 2013 taxes benefits freelance writers and other independent contractors. Here's how.

Help! Theyre Asking for My Social Security Number!
A freelance writer asks if it's normal to have to give out his social security number.

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