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Sample Documents

Need a sample or template to follow? Here are several sample documents, including the pieces most often written by freelance writers.

Sample Press Release
Here is an exact sample of a press release. This shows the format you should follow, with exact instructions as to what should go in each paragraph.

Example Backgrounder
An example "backgrounder", which is a brief piece that summarizes an issue or company for the press.

Sample Press Advisory
A sample press advisory provided for freelance journalists.

Sample Fact Sheet
A sample fact sheet, one of a series of sample journalism pieces for new and practicing freelance writers.

Oped- How to Write an OpEd
What is an oped and how to write an oped, aimed specifically at freelance writers.

A Sample Query for Pitching Magazines
Use this sample query letter to learn the formatting and content of the perfect pitch.

Writer's Cover Letter Sample
Following is a sample cover letter for writing jobs.

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