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Send Business Holiday Cards to Clients and Editors!

The Whys and the Hows


Why You Should Send Business Holiday Cards to Your Clients

Whether you've had one client, or 100, sending a business greeting card their way serves several purposes.

  • Warm Fuzzies. Other than Ebenezar, who doesn't like receiving holiday cards? Sending some thoughts your clients' and editors' way will likely help them to think of you as a decent human being.
  • Update Your Client List. Or, create your client list, if you're in your first year. Keep a list of all your clients and client info, and this will serve as a basis for much of your marketing strategies. What better motivation to start/update this list then pulling out names and addresses for greeting cards? There you go- you've got a jump on the New Year!
  • Name Recognition. This is especially important for those clients' and editors' that you haven't had contact with for a while. But for all of your clients and editors, a card serves as an opportunity to put your name out there again, along with (possibly) your website/portfolio.
  • On Top of Your Game. Let's face it, people and businesses who manage to get their cards out in the midst of this crazy season tend to come across as organized, timely people.

Convinced? Here's How to Go About It

This can be a simple, efficient process with some planning and dedication. Here's how to do it.

  • Pull Your List Together.This is the business equivalent of going through your address book. Pull all your clients' names and information into one easily usable, accessible list or database.
  • Hand Write or Order? So, you're a new writer with "only" two clients and one editor relationship? Good for you- you get to hand write your cards! In fact, it may be a good return on investment to do so, as that personal touch may go a long way. Veterans, or those with multiple clients may want to consider ordering a set of preprinted cards.
  • What To Say? Start with the truth. Are you thankful your clients put their confidence in you? Are you hoping to work with them in the future? Do you have fond memories of their project? Say it! Authenticity shines through.
  • Caveats. You probably have clients who don't celebrate the exact same holidays as you. Your U.S-based clients, however, are likely to observe a general "holiday" season, so a generic greeting will be fine. Be sure to check the customs of any international clients. Perhaps a "New Years" greeting would be more appropriate? A little research will save you a lot of embarrassment.
  • Other Elements.Chances are that your client might have some work coming up. Make sure they can contact you- include a website or email address at the bottom of the greeting.
  • Get Them Out! You won't get points for efficiency and organization if your cards come out late. Getting this project over and done with is the best way to enjoy the holiday season.
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