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Ways to Market and Promote Yourself and Your Writing

Once you're ready to begin hitting the pavement and getting those writing gigs, you'll need to know how to best present your writing skills, and the kind of tools to use. Website, clips and portfolios, oh my! Here's how to get started!
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  7. Your Clips and Portfolio (9)

How Do I Get Clients? A List of 9 Ways to Get Clients
Writers can become actively involved in the blog community in order to network, gather tips, and

How To Make Writing Work Come to You
Put yourself out there and make writing work come to you with these freelance writing marketing tips.

Sample Marketing Letter
An example of a hard-copy marketing letter campaign.

Connecting with Clients at Conferences
Guest writer Lori Widmer explains how to successfully secure clients via conferences.

Five Unconventional Marketing Methods for Freelance Writers
As a freelance writer, you have leeway to market yourself in fun, new ways. Here are five unique and different marketing ideas.

Send Business Holiday Cards to Clients and Editors!
Sending business holiday cards to past clients and/or editors can result in additional assignments for freelance writers.

How To Volunteer Your Writing for the Greater Good
A guest article by Evonne Lack. Evonne was inspired to volunteer her freelance writing talents after watching a moving movie. She shares her tips with fellow freelance writers.

Pinterest Secrets for Writers
Learn Pinterest Secrets for Writers- how to use Pinterest to write books, pitch magazine articles, and drive traffic to your blog, portfolio or site.

Using Infographics for Marketing- Viable for Micro and Small Businesses?
Can your small business make use of infographics for marketing? Should freelance writers consider this more visual medium?

What Freelancers and Small Businesses Should Know About Pinterest
Pinterest for Freelancers and Small Business- What are you missing with Pinterest? What freelancers ought to know about Pinterest!

How to Blog a Book by Nina Amir Offers Perfect How-To Balance
Book review of How to Blog a Book by Nina Amir. Would be of interest to those who want to write and publish non-fiction.

31 Days to a Full Plate (Currently No Longer for Sale, Link to Author's Site)
Review of "Market Your Freelance Writing in 31 Days", an ebook by Thursday Bram.

Guest Book Review: Hope Clark's "The Shy Writer Reborn"
C. Hope Clark's "Shy Writer" series helps the shy writer to promote their work and market their writing, despite the personality clash.

Product Review: Vinyl Sign for Conference/Exhibit Halls
A review of marketing materials from Build a Sign. Here, I talk about my experience with this supplier of banners, signage and other marketing products.

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