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How to Get Paid to Read


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Question: How to Get Paid to Read

Allena, I've heard you mention getting paid to read before. How exactly do you get paid to read?


Great question. There are a couple different ways to get paid to read.

Book Reviews

Many magazines and newspapers accept book reviews relating to their target and audience. Pitching book reviews is similar to pitching magazines in general. Often the "Writers" or "Submissions" page on a publication's website will tell you if and how they accept book reviews. You might also consider writing for a dedicated book review publication, the sole purpose of which is book reviewing. Read this article for 6 Easy Steps to Being a (Paid) Book Reviewer

Literary Agent Freelance Reading

Ok, I have to admit this is a new field to me, so I'll need to send you over to the experts (and generally friendly writer ladies) at WOW-Women on Writing, where writer Jennifer Wright wrote on How To Break Into Freelance Reading.

Book Summaries

There are many companies that cater to busy execs who don't have time to read the latest business books, but still want to talk about them at their next cocktail shindig. Book summary companies sell polished summaries of books to those who want the short version. Many of these same companies hire freelance readers/writer to write the summaries. How to find this gig? I've personally found these freelance writing jobs through my Freelance Writing Jobs Lists.

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