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Exploring Different Writing Markets and Genres Available

Have a niche? Know a little something about something? Well, you're in luck, because the writing market is so vast that there's probably opportunities available in your area! Take a look at the different markets out there, along with the variety of genres that you could be writing for!
  1. Biz-Tech (4)
  2. Book Reviewing (7)
  3. Copywriting (11)
  4. Creative Writing (9)
  5. Editorial and Proofreading (1)
  6. Magazines & Newspapers (1)
  7. Press, Media, PR (3)
  8. Web, Blogs and SEO (5)

What Type of Writing Should You Do?
You could write copy, write journalistically, or write creatively. Which is best for you? What kind of freelance writing should you pursue? The answer might surpise you!

Specialize Your Writing; Find Your Niche!
Freelance writers with more experience may choose to develop their careers by specializing and working within a niche. There are different genres available for writers to explore- such as journalism writing, creative writing, or copywriting. Learn what's best for you.

What Exactly Is a Copywriter?
Copywriter- What is a copywriter? What's the difference between a copyrighter and a copywriter?

All About Writing Speeches
Speechwriting- writing speeches for others to give- is an interesting and potentially lucrative area for freelance writers to explore. There are also full time speech writing opportunities out there.

So You Want to Write SEO
How to become an SEO Writer- What is SEO and SEO Writing?

Book Review Basics
Book reviews can vary widely, but here are a few of the basics to keep in mind when writing a critical book review.

Kinds of Press Materials
These are the types of press materials a freelance writer may be called upon to write, including how-to and definition.

Writing the Life Poetic
Book review on writing poetry with Sage Cohen's whimsical book Writing the Life Poetic

Need To Know Basis - Five Resources for Creative Freelance Writers
Ready to grow into the creative side of freelance writing? Here's where to start learning about this side of the business.

Proofreading vs. Editing
Proofreading versus editing, what's the difference? Reader Erica has seen too much overlap recently between editing and proofreading freelance jobs. What gives and should we educate our potential clients?

What is the Deal with SEO and Keyword Work?
When writing SEO and keyword articles, why are the parameters so specific? Is it worth it for freelance writers to pursue this work?

An Overview of Genres
Writing genre overview for freelance writers.

How Do You Get Books to Review?
A reader and hopeful/future book reviewer asks how to find/get books to review.

How to Get Paid to Read
How to get paid to read- details ways to make money by reading through book reviews, literary agent reading and book summaries.

What Are the Main Freelance Writing Genres?
Freelance writing genres are explained. What they are, what they're based on, and how to differentiate them.

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