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15 Gifts for Writers and Readers- For the Holidays or Any Day!

Ideas for Your Writer-Reader


(2012 Update: I've got a whole new OTHER list of 10 Gifts for Writers. Check that one out AFTER you read this one!)

Find the perfect gifts for writers and readers here! We've collected 15 great holiday ideas with photos and links, making your shopping that much easier. Happy giving!

1. Women Writers Magnet Set

Gift for reader, magnets
Courtesy Amazon.com
Inspiration strikes when you have your idols staring at you all day! Writers can place these magnet sets on their file cabinets or fridge, and the stern faces will drive them back to the task at hand.

2. The Writers Market

Courtesy of WritersMarket.com
This reference book is generally a must-have for freelance writers. It is re-published every year, but many writers choose to buy it only every other year. An even better alternative is to surf to the website and buy an annual internet subscription for the writer on your gift list.
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3. High End Pen

Gift for writer, a pen
Courtesy of Levenger.com
Every writer needs a smooth, beautiful, flawless instrument with which to write their finest thoughts. Splurge on behalf of your writer with the gift of a gorgeous pen.
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4. Jewelry Designed for Writers

Courtesy of deborahbouziden.com
There are many choices for themed jewelry out there, including charms, which tend to be a popular and personalized choice. Finding the perfect piece of jewelry for your writer or reader is as easy as click and point.
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5. Moleskine Notebooks

Gift for writers Moleskine
Courtesy of Moleskine.com
These notebooks are a writers dream- well made, beautiful, and useful. If you haven't heard of Moleskine, that's ok; the writer or reader on your gift-giving list probably has!
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6. Funny Mugs to Wake Up To

Gift for writers, mug
Courtest of Cafepress.com
Give the writer or reader in your life some gentle ribbing or a shot of inspiration via their morning coffee mug. This one says "I'm a famous writer"!

7. The AlphaSmart Neo

The Neo by AlphaSmart
Photo (c) Allena Tapia
Be sure to read my review of this product. The AlphaSmart Neo provides your writer with a way to work on their copy without lugging a laptop everywhere. All you can do on the Neo is write, so if you have a writer who is distracted by Facebook and Twitter, this might be a good idea.

8. Famous Authors Action Figures

Gifts for writers, action figure.
Courtesy of McPhee.com
This is so fun! These are small action figures of famous authors like Poe and Jane Austen. Wouldn't it be fun to have Jane sitting on the desk while you write? This is a cute, small (think stocking-stuffer) gift for readers and writers.

9. Writing Dishware

Courtesy of FishsEddy.com
This collection of platters, cups and saucers will make your writer itch to get out of the kitchen and back to the typing. But, it's also a cute addition to the servingware, and a great conversation piece for your next potluck.

10. Digital Voice Recorder

Recorder is a great gift for writers
Courtesy of Google Products
Now here is a tool that freelance writers will use very often. A digital voice recorder is used during interviews to capture quotes and soundbites. This is a gift that is useful and handy, and sure to be used if your writer produces magazine copy, profiles, or works for newspapers.
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