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Manage Your Freelance Career and Your Writing Life

Keep the presses rolling! Making the transition to a freelance career means that you're it- secretary, ergonomics pro, file clerk, teacher, and trainer. Make sure that everyday details of your career are kept current, so you can pay attention to more important things, like honing your craft.
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10 Steps to Writing Success
Ten steps to achieving writing success as a freelance writer.

Freelance Writing Stages and Phases
At any one time, freelance can be juggling between two and ten projects, not to mention marketing, invoicing and collections. Following are the stages and phased of freelance writing jobs.

A Walk-Through of the Freelance Writing Project Process
What does the freelance writing job process really look like? If you're a beginner, you'll want to check out this step-by-step process.

How to Organize Your Freelance Writing Office and Processes
Some ideas on how to organize a writer's home office.

What Are "The Best" Freelance Writing Assignments FOR YOU?
When choosing freelance writing assignments, writers often want to know how to make the best choice. Don't apply haphazardly for every freelance writing job out there! Take a look at the BEST freelance writing assignments.

Writing As Sales
Why a writer is really a salesman. You're selling many things. Check it out.

Re-Launching Your Writing Career
You've been away from your freelance writing career for a while, but now you'd like to re-launch. Here are the steps to re-launching your freelance writing career.

Students and Freelance Writing- A Good Combination?
Freelance writing for students- is it a good match? Guest author discusses student freelancing.

9 Lessons from “I Was Paid $12.50 An Hour to Write This Story”
Nine lessons on freelance writing finances- a response to a piece in The Awl.

Freelancer: 4 Ways To Be a Green Freelancer
Freelancers can indeed help to save the environment! Here are a few ways to be a green freelancer.

3 Ways Writers Stay Informed
As freelance writers, we know it's important to know what's going on and stay informed about the world (or at least in our niche)- but how do we fit more of ANYTHING into our day? Check out these 3 easy ways to stay informed in your freelance writing niche.

Laptop Writer? Read This First.
I love writing from my laptop. It gives me the flexibility to leave the house to complete my work if things get crazy, or if I just want a latte and some company. But, about 90% of my writing is from home. So I use my laptop as a desktop. Apparently, that's not the best idea, ergonomically. Read these tips from About guide Chris Adams.

What Good Are Ebooks for Writers?
A freelance writer asks about writing and selling an ebook.

25 Most Galvanizing Quotes on Writing and Language
I managed to prune my notebook of writing quotes down to just a few (well, ok, twenty-five). Enjoy!

Perks of freelancing
A reader asks about some of the perks of working at home.

Salvaging Your Writing Samples
You've got writing samples that you want to use, but their still in a past client's grip. What is a writer to do?

What To Do Between Writing Projects
What to do between writing projects. Got some down time? Here are some suggestions on makng the most of your writing down time.

Review of Full-Time Income in Part-Time Hours by Gretchen Roberts

Beyond Ergonomics: 5 Health Tips for Writers
More than ergonomics--here are five health tips for writers.

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