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Content generation is a specific form/niche in biz-tech freelance writing. Content is generally blocks of information for websites that is used to capture search engine attention while also providing information to the reader. Content, or web content, needs to be written by someone, and website owners often turn to freelance writers to produce this content. Here at About.com freelance writing, we often talk about content, web content, and content generation because it is an area with many opportunities, and, because of that, many beginning writers often start with content generation.

Content writing can cause some controversy in the freelance writing world as it can be low pay. In addition, many writers get burned out writing content. For these reasons, you will find many writers who will not do web content, or who will move past it ASAP.

Writing web content does have its advantages, though. For example, writers may find major publishers award web content projects, and making a name for oneself with these publishers is a definite plus. In addition, it is readily available and in high demand.

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