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Glossary of Freelance Writing Terms

Jargon? Who me? Here's a list of some terms thrown around in the freelance writing world.

What's a 1099?
What is a 1099? What does a 1099 have to do with freelance writing?

Definition of An Advance
Definition of an advance

ARC - What Is An ARC?
ARC, advanced readers copy, what is an ARC?

Alternative Weekly
What is an alternative weekly? Alternative weekly is defined.

Advertorial - What Is An Advertorial
What is an advertorial? As a freelancer, can I make money writing advertorials? Who uses advertorials?

What is a Backgrounder
What is a backgrounder, how to write a backgrounder

Bid Site
Freelance writers often use a bid site to get work. What is a bid site?

Billable hours
Billable hours

Biz Tech Writing
biz tech writing

Definition of byline. What is a byline, when do you get one, and where will you see it?

Call For Submissions
Call for submissions, definition

What's a Call Out Box
What is a call out box? My editor said to include a call out box?

Clip- Definition of a Clip
What is a clip? What do we mean when we say "clip"?

Consumer Magazine - What Is a Consumer Magazine?
Consumer magazine is defined, examples are provided. Specific to freelance writers looking to write for magazines. Difference from a trade magazine is explained.

Content, Web Content, Content Generation
What is content generation? What do we mean by "content"? What is web content?

Content Management System
What is a Content Management System? Why does it apply to freelancing?


Content Mill - What is a Writers Mill or Content Mill?
Content mill or writers mill is defined. What exactly is a content mill or writers mill?

Contributor's Page
What is a contributors page?

Define copy, what exactly do we mean when we say copy?

Copywriting, the definition of copywriting, what is copywriting?

Courtesy Copy
What is a courtesy copy, definition of a courtesy copy.

Crib Sheet
What's a crib sheet? My editor said she's sending over a "crib sheet"?

What is a dek? What is the meaning if the word dek?

Editorial calendar
What is an editorial calendar?

Editor - What Is an Editor
Editor, definition of an editor, where editors work.

Fact Checker
What's a fact checker? What do they do? Who uses fact checkers?

EIC- What Does EIC Mean
EIC is defined. Editor in Chief. What is an editor in chief? What does an editor in chief do?

Definition of Evergreen Content
What is evergreen content, the description of evergreen content

Freelance Writer
Definition of a freelance writer

Feature - Definition of a Feature
What is a feature, what is a magazine feature, what is the feature well, what is the well

Filler - What Exactly Is a Filler?
What is this "filler" piece that freelance writers keep talking about?

FOB - What Is Meant by FOB? Front of book?
Industry term FOB is discussed- What is FOB? What is Front of Book?

What is a Galley?
Galley - What is a galley? The definition of a galley.


Ghostwriter - What's a Ghostwriter?
What's a ghostwriter? Definition of a ghostwriter.

What Does the Word Graf Mean?
What does the word graf mean?

What's a Hook?
What is a hook? When writing for the web or print, it is often a good idea to start with a HOOK, but what does that mean?

Definition of Independent Contractor
Definition of an independent contractor specifically for freelance writers.

In House Writer - What's An In House Writer?
In house writer defined. What is it? Who hires in house writers?

What is ghostwriting? A definition.

Kill Fee
What is a kill fee- definition of a kill fee.

Lede - What Is a Lede?
Lede- What is a lede. The definition of lede.

Lead - What Is Meant by Lead? Lead time?
Lead, lead time. The publisher asked me for a 3 month lead- what's that mean?


On Spec - What Does On Spec Mean?
The meaning of on spec.

Oped is explained, definition and use.

Definition of Outsource
What does "outsource" when used in the freelance writing field?

Pitch Letter
Definition of a pitch letter.

Permalancer - What Does the Term Permalancer Mean?
Permalancer is a coined term. What does permalancer mean?

Definition of a portfolio.

Primary Source
Definition and examples of a primary source.

What is a Press Advisory?
Press advisory is defined, includes how to write a press advisory.

Press Kit
What is a press kit- the definition.

Press Release - What Is a Press Release
Definition of a press release.

Query Letter
Definition of a query letter

SEO - What Is SEO?
SEO is defined with writers in mind.

Sidebar - Definition of a Sidebar
Your editor asked for a sidebar- what the heck is that? How long is it and what should it consist of?

Slush Pile
Definition of "slush pile" with notes from an industry insider.

What Does Subcontract Mean?
Definition of subcontract in the freelance writing field.

Tagline - What Is a Tagline?
Definition of a tagline. Is it better than a byline? What's the difference?

Technical Writing Definition
A definition of technical writing.

What Does Well Mean in Magazine Speak?
Well- what's it mean when an editor says "well"?

Tear Sheet
What is a tear sheet? Definition for freelance writers.

Trade Magazine
Trade magazine - What is a trade magazine? How does it differ from a consumer magazine?

What does transcription have to do with freelance writing?
What is transcription? How is it related to freelance writing?

White Paper
White paper is defined- what is a white paper?

Work At Home
Discusses and defines work at home. What does it mean to work at home?

Writers Guidelines
What are the writer's guidelines? Where can I find them?

IC Definition- What Is an IC?
What exactly does IC refer to in freelance writing?

Self Employed
Definition of self employed as it relates to freelance writers.

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