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Non-traditional Magazine Pitching

Other Ways to Get the Editor's Ear


So, you get brilliant article idea, sit down to hammer out a perfect query letter, and then wait with fingers crossed, right?

Not necessarily. Sometimes there are less traditional ways to pitch your idea. Novelists get to pitch agents at conferences, so shouldn’t we freelancers get our chance, too? There is more than one way to get your articles into a glossy- so be prepared!

  • Virtual Networking Pitch. Things like LinkedIn, Twitter and Facebook give you unprecedented access to magazine executives and editors. Be friendly and helpful first, but be ready to pitch should the opportunity come up.
  • Real Networking Pitch. Three years ago I was at a local writers conference and happened to sit at a table with a fledgling publisher. Three years later, we put out a quarterly glossy that rules its niche, and I'm now its well-paid managing editor. This opportunity only worked because I was versed in the current issues of his niche and knew in which direction to take our conversations.
  • Pitch Events. From MediaBistro to Women on Writing, editors are holding pitch events to fill their pages. Keep your eyes and ears open, because these particular opportunites are quite valuable.

Want to see the inside of a pitch event? I recently interviewed Annette Fix, editor of Women on Writing, about their Pitch Fest.

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