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Freelance Writers Guide to Getting Published

Ah, yes, the Holy Grail. Just the phrase "getting published" is iconic. Does a new freelancer stand a chance? Absolutely! Here's a look at the steps you need to take, the tools you need to master, and the resources you should know about in order to get published.
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  2. Creative Writing Publishing (2)
  3. How to Interview (7)
  4. Newspaper Publishing (1)
  5. Query Letters (14)
  6. Successful Magazine Pitching (9)
  7. Writing for Magazines (9)

Intro To Writing for Magazines
If you would like to write for magazines, take author and editor Jan Lundy's advice to heart!

How To Write for Major Magazines
Learn how to break into the national magazine market, and how to write for national magazines.

Generate and Capture Magazine Article Ideas
Ways to generate and capture magazine article ideas for freelancers.

The Online Writing World for Freelancers
Online writing is the perfect outlet for many freelancers and writers, whether they want to make money, or simply publish. Freelance writing expert and 6 year veteran freelancer Allena Tapia looks at the best outlets and ways to make money.

Seven Things To Do After You Get Published
The work isn't over when a freelance writer lands an article in the targeted publication- find out what steps to take after getting published.

Creative Writing Submission Service Writer's Relief
Exploring creative writing submission service. What's the cost? How does it work?

Self Publishing and the Freelance Writer
What benefits does self-publishing have for the freelance writer? Is it worth the time invested?

Ten Steps to Prepare For Your Freelance Magazine Assignment
Freelance Magazine Writing: Prepare to write your freelance magazine article. Be sure to take these ten essential steps before you write your first freelance magazine article.

Do Newspapers Really Pay By the Inch?
Pay in inches- a reader asks "What's with all this 'get paid in inches' business?" What does it mean, exactly, and does anyone still pay based on inches?

How to Sell and Publish Personal Essays
How to sell and publish personal essays. Selling and publishing personal essays is not the same as pitching nonfiction magazines.

Jan Lundy - Bio of Guest Writer Jan Lundy
Thanks kindly to Jan Lundy for her guest blog and article on breaking into magazines.

Consumer or Trade Magazine - What's the Difference Between Consumer and Trade...
Consumer or Trade Magazine - What's the Difference Between Consumer and Trade Magazine, and why you should know, as a freelance writer.

Repurpose or Reprint? What Do I Do With My Articles Now?
Once you get on a roll as a magazine writer, you need to manage your time and bottom line in order to efficiently make the most of your career. One way to do this is to use previously-published articles. You can either repurpose or reprint them. Which is "better?"

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