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Freelance Writing Jobs - 28 Places to Find Telecommuting Freelance Writing Jobs


The following list of 28 freelance writing jobs websites are places that advertise jobs specifically for writers who work remotely or telecommute.


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About.com is always looking for "Guides"- writing experts who work remotely to build quality content in a niche site.

ACES: American Copy Editor Society

This is a Yahoo group to which you can subscribe. (Search for ACES from the front page of Yahoo Groups to join). I have seen 3-4 freelance/remote positiond come through over the course of a year.

American Society of Business Publications Editors

The ASBPE keeps a fair list of jobs for members and non-members alike. Be sure to check the review below for tips!

Associated Press

The AP website has a job listing page.


Copydesk is a freelance placement agency, but samples of their available gigs are shown on this page.

Freelance BBS

Freelance BBS requires a signup/registration, but I haven’t got any junk mail (yet) and am happy with the leads.

Freelance Switch

This job board is the only subscription service that I am including in these links, but it’s because I firmly believe in it. For $7 a month, you cut down on the sheer amount of people you are competing against. I got a job from here my very first month, making a 50x ROI over the long run.

Freelance Venue

This site has one or two new jobs per week.

Freelance Writing Gigs

Honestly, one of the better job sites out there, its strength lies in the fact that it is so well updated.

Magazine Publishers of America

This is a spot that I check weekly.

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