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Freelance Writing Jobs - 28 Places to Find Telecommuting Freelance Writing Jobs


Sunoasis Jobs

A great list kept fairly up to date. Be sure to read this review (below) to find some time saving tips on getting the best jobs.

Society for Features Journalism

This professional organization has a job list that occasionally highlights a writing or freelance position.

Telecommuting Jobs

This board features all kinds of telecommuting jobs- it's one of the places to go when you are frustrated by all the "freelance" jobs that are locale-based.

Whisper Jobs

A magazine-focused site with some freelance magazine positions in editorial. At times, regular freelance writing/remote jobs and gigs are posted.

Work At Home Mom

WAHM.com lists remote/telecommute jobs from Craigslist. You'll find all kinds of jobs here, not solely freelance writing jobs.

Write Jobs

Write Jobs is a combination of full time and project/freelance jobs, with additions popping up about once per week. Read the review below for more on the opportunites at Write Jobs.

Writer Find

A hidden treasure- remember, the more traffic it gets, the more competition you have.

Writers Weekly

This is a board-based listing with fairly good leads.
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