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Website Review - Online Writing Jobs

About.com Rating 4 Star Rating
User Rating 4.5 Star Rating (18 Reviews)


The Bottom Line

A welcome change to an old standby job website for freelance writers- likely to visit more often.


  • Counter displays how many people have viewed each job
  • Easy sorting function prominently displayed at the top of the landing page
  • Job posting dates are displayed, saving you the effort of applying for old postings


  • Too visually stimulating


  • No cost, no fee.
  • No registration required.
  • Updated frequently.

Guide Review - Website Review - Online Writing Jobs

This site used to be forum-based. Potential employers could post help wanted blurbs as a thread. However, the new layout is quite a welcome change! The site is arranged with a header that functions as a sorting mechanism- writers click on the type of jobs they are interested in (ghostwriting, copyediting), and the middle of the page displays the results.

Results are listed in date order with most of the important information displayed before you even click to the job description. Information displayed includes title, date posted, and location. The only information lacking is pay rate, although this may be a difficult task to incorporate in the preliminary listing.

This is a job list aggregator, which means that it pulls writing jobs from other sites, and these are not first postings. However, it will serve to cut down your search time significantly. Highly recommended for the busy freelance writer!

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