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Website Review - Freelance Switch's Job Board

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The Bottom Line

A good investment for tech writers, but others should stick with Freelance Switch's excellent content.


  • Between two and five new jobs per week
  • Significant "thinning of the herd"- much less competition
  • Great site to support with your dollars anyway


  • Automatic monthly billing = a possible paperwork pain


  • Registration required
  • Fee: $7 monthly
  • Other offerings include a blog, forum and ebook

Guide Review - Website Review - Freelance Switch's Job Board

Freelance Switch is a blog that caters to freelancers worldwide. Its camaraderie, information and graphic design are unmatched. Other than the blog, forum, and ebook, Freelance Switch also offers a $7 per month subscription service for freelance jobs. This service renews automatically every month, which can either be a blessing or a curse.

So, is the $7 worth it? Some freelancers swear by the "thinning of the herd" phenomenon- and there may be some truth in it. Employers have told me, specifically, that over 100 responses have kept them from giving each application serious consideration. So there may be some truth to this. But is Freelance Switch the place to put your seven bucks?

Well, at this writing, about 80% of the jobs on the board were tech or IT oriented, the rest dealt with online marketing, PPC or social networking offerings. This is the medium that comes to Freelance Switch, and, if it's your medium, you should definitely sign up! But writers that don't focus on these fields may want to head elsewhere.

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