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This is it. This is the place to start when your money's low and your typing fingers are ready...Once you feel prepared to compete in the freelance world, check out these links, job lists and other resources to get started. Resume ready? Let's go!
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How to Write a Writing Job Resume
You must first create your writing job resume before you apply for freelance writing jobs. Here are the main elements to include, and suggestions for your writing resume for those who are new to the field with limited writing clips and writing experience.

How to Write a Writer's Cover Letter
Following is a sample/template writer's cover letter.

3 Unique Freelance Writing Jobs
Three unique freelance writing jobs- skip the job boards and go after these three lucrative and non traditional freelance writing jobs!

Additional Freelance Careers for Writers
15 other career paths specifically for freelance writers and those who want freelance writing jobs.

Query Letter, Cover Letter or Letter of Introduction?
Query Letter, cover letter or letter of introduction? Which should you send?

Be a Book Reviewer in 6 Easy Steps- For PAY!
How to become a (paid!) book reviewer in 6 easy steps.

Ghostwriting Jobs- "How To"
Readers share their advice on getting ghostwriting jobs.

Freelance Editing Jobs
There are many different kinds of freelance editor jobs, and many different roles an editor can take, Following is a list of different kinds of editors/editing along with some hints for freelancers who are pursuing freelance editing jobs. One caveat, many of these editorial roles interlap, or are simply in a state of flux. I've seen...

Freelance Writing Job Project Timelines
Freelance writing jobs have interesting timelines- sometimes long ones, sometimes short ones. How long is it between getting a writing job and being paid for it?

Freelance Writing Job Scams
Within a couple years of searching for freelance writing jobs on the net, you’ll be able to sort the wheat and chaff pretty quickly, sometimes with just a glance. But, if you’re just getting started in the industry, here are a couple red flags to watch out for when choosing freelance writing jobs.

Sample Proposal for Freelance Writer
A sample proposal for a freelance writer.

Freelance Writing Job Scams- Users Tell All
Users share freelance writing job scams that they've run into, and the signs of a scam.

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