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Healthcare for Freelance Writers 2011 Update

Recent Developments


First, if you haven't read the original articles on health insurance for freelance writers, be sure to check out these three articles first: Freelance Health Insurance (The Basics)New Options for Health Insurance (2010 Update).

But, there's always more! Between the passing of some recent legislation, and this blog post from Michelle Goodman, I realized it may be (PAST) time for an update on your health insurance options, freelance writers.

So, first, you'll note that the Anti 9-5 Guide, Michelle Goodman, blogged last year about changes to health insurance options for residents of her state (Washington). Of course, you should always check at the local levels. Even county level, I know that in my neighboring county they offer some programs.

But, what else is there? Two bills were signed into law of note. First is the "big one": The Health Care Act that was passed in 2010. What does the healthcare act mean for freelancers and Independent Contractors? Two great resources for you:

So, this major reform was relatively well-known and well-followed. What about the second one, though? Have you heard about the Small Business Jobs Act, which includes some provisions regarding health insurance, such as tax deductions? Check it out!

Little by little, the career becomes more viable for all!

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