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Finances and Money Management Tips for the Freelance Writer

It's all about the mighty dollar. Once you're established as a new freelance writer, you're going to need to start managing that in-and-out flow, make sure you're getting paid for your work, and prepare for the tax man.
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Can I Really Make Money Freelance Writing?
Is there money in freelance writing? Can you earn a decent amount of money as a freelance writer? It is possible!

Freelance Writing Money - Can You Make Money With Freelance Writing Jobs
Can you make good money freelance writing? I've discussed this in the attached article, but I'd like to hear YOUR opinion. Help new freelance writers get their questioned hours about freelance writing money.

Guard Your Finances: How To Make and Keep Writing Money
Make Money Freelance Writing - "Secrets" to Making More Money as a Writer: There is a short set of principles that I always follow in my freelance writing work that are aimed at watching my financial bottom line and making sure that my work functions in such a way that I am meeting my financial obligations and taking care of my family. Here is...

9 Lessons from “I Was Paid $12.50 An Hour to Write This Story”
Nine lessons on freelance writing finances- this was written as a response to a piece on freelance writing which appeared in The Awl.

Freelance Writing Payments
The nature of freelance writing payments is one of the hardest parts of a freelance writing career. Payments can be very intermittent- which is hard on your finances! Here are some strategies to deal with this.

Make Sure You're Paid for Your Writing
Make sure you are paid for your writing project. Follow these steps for slow payment on a writing contract.

How Freelance Writers Get Paid
Once you've secured clients or completed projects, it's time to get paid. How do freelance writers get paid?

Review of Full-Time Income in Part-Time Hours by Gretchen Roberts
Gretchen Roberts' eBook explains how to make full time freelance writing income (30K-80K per year) in part time hours (less than 40 per week). A review of the eBook Full-Time Income in Part-Time Hours by Gretchen Roberts.

Freelance Writing Finances- General Introduction
Freelance writing is a viable way to make extra (or even full time) income. Here's an introduction to freelancing for cash, including important topics such as invoicing and paying taxes.

Create An Invoice
Once you complete your writing assignment, you'll often need to provide a printed invoice to your employer. Be sure to include the basic elements of an invoice, listed here.

Sample Proposal for Freelance Writer
A sample proposal for a freelance writer

All About Your Writing Invoice
For a freelance writer, the invoice is the final step in the project. Here are some considerations in generating your freelance writer invoice.

How To Create Your Freelance Budget
How to create a budget for freelancers.

Freelance writing jobs have interesting timelines- sometimes long ones,...
Freelance writing jobs have interesting timelines- sometimes long ones, sometimes short ones. How long is it between getting a writing job and being paid for it?

Healthcare for Freelance Writers 2011 Update
A recent update on health insurance for freelance writers which takes into account recent laws and health care changes.

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