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What a writer needs to know about the other players in the writing game.
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Editorial Staff Members
You need to get your query or article into the hands of the correct editorial staff member, but which of the 4, 5 or even more staff editors is the best one for your piece? Find out some shortcuts and secrets of your targeted magazine's editorial staff position.

Would An Editor Steal My Idea?
Will an editor steal your idea? What's to keep an editor from taking your juicy story idea and running with it?

Tips for Dealing With Your Editor
Protect your working relationship with your editor by following these simple tips.

Editors' Pet Peeves
Before you pop that pitch in the mail, take a look through this list of editors' pet peeves. Does YOUR pitch letter pass the test?

Writers' Journal, Interview with Editor Leon Orgroske
An interview with editor Leon Ogroske of Writers' Journal on pitching and writing between genres.

The Writer Magazine, Interview with Editor Ron Kovach
Editor of The Writer Magazine, Ron Kovach, tells readers and writers about the magazine, and what he specifically looks for in queries.

Poets & Writers Magazine, Interview with Kevin Larimer
Poets and Writers magazine editor Kevin Larimer talks about how to get published in Poets and Writers, editorial work, and the future of writing.

Interview with Writer's Digest Editor, Jessica Strawser
Jessica Strawser of Writer's Digest talks about the biggest mistake she sees in queries, and recent innovations in the writing world. Want to write for this magazine? Read on!

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