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Getting Started in the Field of Freelance Writing

Your first step, even before clicking on all these juicy job leads, is to prepare for the competition. Take a look at these ways to beef up your writers resume, clips and website, and ways to get these things if you don't already have them. Next, go to work on all those job listings. In addition, check out other ways to get started and break into the writing field by networking, volunteering, using contractor sites, and meeting needs in your local market.
  1. Necessary Writing Job Documents (12)
  2. Quitting and/or Moonlighting (4)
  3. Resources to Get You Going (3)

How to Become a Writer
Information on how to become a writer, with step by step instructions.

How To Start Freelance Writing
How to start freelance writing, the very first thing to do.

Preparatory Steps to Becoming a Freelance Writer
An introductory list to the preparatory steps of becoming a freelance writer.

Make Freelance Writing Your Full-Time Job
Make freelance writing your full-time job by following this set of simple steps.

10 Reasons to Be a Freelance Writer (No, Not Really)
Want to be a freelance writer? Yeah you do! Describes the 10 Reasons to Be a Freelance Writer (tongue-in-cheek)!

How Do I Start Writing for Money?
This is the number one questions that I receive: I've done x, y and z, how do I turn that into a freelance writing career?

Should I Quit My Day Job?
Many readers write in asking about quitting their day job in order to write. They want to know how I did it, if I regret it, and if it is advisable to quit your day job.

How to Transition Slowly to Full Time Writing
Learn the steps to quit your day job and SLOWLY become a full time working writer.

Book Review: Writer Mama by Christina Katz
Want writing inspiration? Want direction for your new freelance career? Want to do it all with a toddler on your hip? You need Writer Mama by Christina Katz.

Stay at Home Mom to Work At Home Writer- A Quiz
Stay-at-home moms often ask if freelance writing would be a good fit for them. Check out this quiz on the characteristics needed to transition from stay-at-home to work-at-home.

Book Review: The Anti 9-5 by Michelle Goodman- A Freelancer's Dream!
Book review of 'The Anti 9-5 Guide'. Michelle Goodman, herself a freelance writer, blesses all aspiring cube dwellers with information and how to steps on beginning a career outside the office walls.

Interview- How To Start Freelance Writing
Features a How to Get Started interview with guide Allena Tapia. Find out how to start a freelance career, if a degree is needed, and how to get those first clips.

Before You Apply for Writing Jobs
Before you start chasing down all those great freelance jobs, here's what you have to do to make sure you're ready to compete.

How To Use Contract Bid Sites to Break Into Freelancing
Overcome common roadblocks new freelance writers face by using bid sites to get your first paid writing jobs

Ebook Review: Working Writer, Happy Writer
Review of ebook by Sue LaPointe: "Working Writer, Happy Writer"

When Should Freelance Writing Become a Business?
A reader asks when take freelance writing to a freelance writing business.

Freelance Writing Internships
How to find internships for potential freelance writers.

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