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What Kind of Writer Are You?

The 6 Kinds of Freelance Writer


Writers come in all shapes and sizes. Knowing why you got into this freelance writing business in the first place will help you to channel your energy in the right direction.

You Chose This Career Outright

This writer has always wanted to be a writer, and took steps in education and training to become one. They love reading, they love writing, and they take this career as seriously as any other. This writer could focus on biz tech jobs, or on writing for magazines and the web. The medium doesn’t matter, as long as the bills are being paid and the writer isn’t burned out.

You Chose This Career as a Mid Career Change

Most of the mid career changers are looking for a profession that’s going to meet needs that their original career didn’t meet. For many, that could be all the benefits of getting out of the cube: self-accountability, more work-life balance, and greater control of earning power. Since mid-career changers still need to pay the bills, the medium and subject won’t matter to the extent it would for the artiste.

Spending Money

You’ve already got a job you love, or else you’re the non-earning spouse who just needs to “help out.” Many of these writers go for the web content and web generation jobs, as the frequency and pay line up with their needs.

You Like to Work Your Mind

You write because you like to learn and to teach. You probably focus on journalistic endeavors in a certain niche, or you lean toward biz-tech writing in that same topic. If you haven’t already, definitely check out grant writing opportunities, too!

You Are an Artiste!

You write because you like to put words together in a way that allows you to express yourself. You are driven by creativity. You target very specific magazines, literary journals or anthology markets. You probably lean toward fiction writing, too.

You’ve Got Ideas That People Need to Hear

You write to tell your story to the world, whether that’s a pet cause, political position or the result of something that you learned and want to pass on. You need a wide audience and seek to write on a very narrow subject, so you need to target magazines and newspapers. You may also writer personal essays, and therefore are likely to target non-fiction anthologies and other essay markets.

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