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Freelance Writing Skills and Education

Here we will look at the set of skills and type of education needed to be a successful freelance writer.

What Exactly Is Good Writing?
About.com's Guide to Grammar succinctly summarizes what exactly it means to be a good writer. If you want to be a freelance writer, make sure you've mastered these points.

The Basics of Writing Skills
About.com's Guide to Career Planning has written an efficient article on the basics of writing. This article is short, but covers many of the prime, overall writing issues. Make sure you are on top of these things before you dive into freelance writing.

The Characteristics and Skills Freelance Writers Need to Succeed
Do you have what it takes to succeed in freelancing? Some of the skills, personality traits and characteristics you need are listed, seperated between a writer's need and a freelancer's needs.

Readers Respond: What Skills and Characteristics Do Writers Need?
Readers respond and share "What skills does a freelance writer need?"

Four Fatal Flaws Every Freelancer Needs
Freelance writers need to be recluses who crave constant mental stimulation. Here's why.

Do I Need a Writing Degree?
Writing degree- do you need a writing degree in order to be a successful writer? What kind of degree options are out there for writers?

Top Ten Majors for Writers
You're sure you want to write, but unsure of what to major in to be a writer? Here are ten majors for writers, along with example programs, links and summaries.

Why You Should Hire a Freelance Writer
Why you should hire a freelance writer.

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