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Please, Stop With the Samples


So, my husband dutifully did our budget projections for 2011, and the wicked heating bill forced me to look for a short term client for whom I could work from now-ish to, say, May (this is in addition to my teaching, which I am LOVING, btw!). So I pounded the pavement, going first to my contacts and past clients, and shaking their branches. I got a few things out of them, but we're really hoping for an ongoing thing, just for a little while.

So, I hit the freelance writing job boards. I applied to a very narrow smattering of postings, solely focusing on those in one of my niche fields, that looked like they offered a quality hourly wage. Over the course of about two weeks, I found approximately 20 that fit that bill and had potential. Of those 20 applications, 4 "chose" me for ongoing consideration. But this is where I run into a problem: their processes for choosing the final candidates are just TIME-CONSUMING! I simply don't have time to give so much to people who aren't paying. I EVEN WANT TO! I mean, I've got to the point where I don't even care about the whole free sample thing anymore, I just need the work! But caring or not, there are paying clients in line first, and they're getting the attention. So much for all that time I spent searching and applying. Sigh.

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